VIPER™ Low Profile Buccal Tubes 
You spoke. We listened. 
Sleek and stylish, ODP's new Viper buccal tube incorporates the latest
design technology with a growing industry demand for comfortable,
easy-to-use appliances that simplify treatment and reduce valuable
chair time. 
High Profile Popularity 
ODP remains at the forefront of orthodontic design technology. 
Our latest innovation, the Viper Low Profile Tubes, not only fulfills the
requirements of today's orthodontic professional; it sets new precedents
as well. ODP's Viper™ Tube line offers miniaturized low profile MIM
buccaltubes with rounded surfaces for exceptional patient comfort and
  Fully Funneled Entrance on Every Prescription 
  ODP's engineers have eliminated
  the frustrating and time-consuming
  practice of threading a wire into the
  small opening of traditional buccal
  tubes. One of the most appealing
  features of the Viper is its trum-
  peted entrance to facilitate easy wire insertion. Wires are guided
  easily and gently into Viper's expansive entrance,simplifying arch
  wire adjustments and saving valuable chair time. 
  Distal Notch   
  In order to meet the need for ample
  anchorage, Viper features a distal
  notch for ligation and tieback of
  Geometric Color Coded Indents
  Viper was designed with specific  
  geometric indents for each Rx and  
  color coded on the facial surface to  
  help identify molar quadrants assist  
  with final positioning using a scaler.   
  Positioning Guides 
  Viper was designed with convenient positioning guides that allow  
  for easy placement at the posterior region. The guides also  
  assist with minor adjustments prior to curing the adhesive.   
  For easier alignment with optimal functional occlusion and case  
About Our Pads
Now you can achieve a stronger, more consistent bond in every case with the Viper™ low profile direct bond buccal tubes.
Available in three different pads to accommodate a wide array of treatment needs. The 80 gauge mesh, along with various pad
styles and the correct anatomical fit, is designed for significantly increased bond strength. 
OUR PADS FEATURE: Developmental Indent
The Viper was designed with
easy placement in mind.
Because precise positioning is
critical in establishing an
effective treatment and avoiding
occlusal interference with
opposing teeth, we designed Viper with pronounced
developmental indents on the bond pads to make locating the
optimal bonding position a snap. 
Unique Pad Design 
ODP's new Viper features a compound radius on the pad that
mirrors the unique contour of a molar's clinical crown. A uniquely
crafted distal gingival cutout enables the bonding of partially
erupted molars without sacrificing the size and strength of the
80 Gauge Foil Mesh 
All Viper™ bondable buccal tubes feature 80 gauge foil mesh
direct bond pads for increased bond strength. 
Molded Compound-Contour Base
Anatomically conforms to the tooth
and provides proper fit and appliance
Custom Welding
Viper™ bondable buccal tubes are also
available custom welded directly on bands
to meet your special needs and provide
added convenience. From consistent
quality products that you can depend on
every time to custom applications, ODP
is here to meet your needs. 
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