Focus™ on Innovation  
Since its founding in 1992, Orthodontic Design and Production, Inc. has focused
on designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality, innovative orthodontic
appliances throughout the world. 
ODP's latest innovation, the Focus Bracket System, establishes a new standard
for quality and reliability, offering all the advantages of a mini bracket with the
control of a full size bracket. 
The innovative design of the Focus Bracket System starts from the bottom up,
with a an integral pylon base that provides enhanced bond strength. The Focus
bracket is also designed with torque-in-base to provide level slot lineup and
improved finishing. 
Focus on Results. Focus on Innovation
Comprehensive Bonding Pads 
  Anchor-Lock Pad 
  New technologies work in harmony when the advanced
  Low-Friction design is combined with the state-of-the-
  art pylon base, providing enhanced bond strength for
  today's appliances. 
  Technologically advanced design
  Retention equal toor greater than mesh bonding pads
  Pylons function like miniature anchors, embedded
  firmly into the adhesive
  EDM finish on all 5 pylon surfaces to maximize bracket
  Pylons are designed at an acute angle relative to the
  torque, generating geometric undercuts when bonded
  Accu-Lock Mesh
  The superior Low-Friction Desgin, fused with a proven
  80 gauge woven mesh, gives the clinician the confidence
  and quality demanded of today's appliances.
  By inserting the mesh into the base, the clinician takes full
  advantage of the prescription engineered into the bracket.
  In conventional bracket systems, the pad and bracket are
  tack welded together. This method allows for placement inconsistencies that neutralized the values designed into
  the bracket, requiring more adjustments to achieve desired
  Focus' Accu-Lock design and traditional mesh assures
  confidence and reliability. The low profile design gives
  unparalleled patient comfort and accptance.
Focus™ on Results  
Experience uncompromising results while your patients appreciate  
the comfort of ODP's Focus Bracket System.   
The Focus bracket has an integral base design which allows you  
to take full advantage of all aspects of the prescription. This enables  
you to easily achieve all of your desired Roth Rx torques and  
Choosing the right bracket is key to every successful orthodontic  
practice. ODP's Focus bracket is precisely engineered and manu-  
factured with an empasis on performance and accuracy.   
The results are in ODP's Focus bracket provides results you can trust,  
and results your patients will love .  
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