Introducing Agility   
In creating our latest innovation, the Agility® bracket system, ODP's engineers thought outside
the box to produce a truly unique, passive, self - ligating bracket system that performs as smo-
othly as it looks . ODP's Agility® brackets are based on our popular Comfort Zone bracket sys-
tem,which is already revered by orthodontists around the world. With a sleek, ultra low profile
design for ultimate patient comfort, the Agility® bracket system is perhaps the easiest self-
ligating system available on the market, requiring no special instruments or training of any kind.
Simply bond it, clip it, and watch it work.
The Agility® bracket system provides the power and responsiveness to move teeth quickly and
easily, giving you the freedom to focus on treatment, not appliances.The name says it all
  It’s all in the Performance 
  ODP’s new Agility® self-ligating bracket system is a versatile and
  powerful treatment appliance that represents a true advancement
  in the science of orthodontics. 
  Available in both Roth and MBT prescriptions, Agility® self-ligating
  brackets were designed specifically for ease of use, fast and
  accurate tooth movement, and patient comfort. Agility® has an i
  nnovative sliding clip that fully engages the arch wire without the
  need for auxiliaries. The clip is so easy to use that it can be
  opened with a common explorer or director and closed with the tip
  of your finger, making wire changes more simple and efficient. As
  an added feature, the clips are removable bso the bracket can e
  used as a traditional twin design. Agility® brackets are engineered
  to provide superior rotational control, while promoting good oral
  hygiene. A tgenerous under tie wing area allows for he
  engagement of elastomeric ligatures or power chain. ODP’s
  Agility® self-ligating bracket system offers clinical functionality
  demanded by doctors while providing patients with a truly
  comfortable treatment regimen. We are proud to invite you to
  explore Agility® and experience it’s… Effortless Performance™. 
  True Twin Design 
  ODP's Agility® bracket system allows for fast and accurate bracket
  placement due to its familiar twin design. Even though Agility® is a
  self-ligating bracket system, it was engineered with a generous
  under tie wing area for the option of engaging elastomeric
  ligatures or a power chain, making it a truly versatile and powerful
  treatment appliance. 
  A Revolutionary Clip 
  Engineered for maximum patient comfort and hygiene, Agility®
  brackets feature a convenient, versatile, easy-to-use self-ligating
  Confidence Clip™ that is constructed of high-quality nickel
  titanium. The durable, easy-sliding clips of the Agility® bracket
  system provide optimum flexibility, and will endure the lifetime of
  the treatment.
  A Better Hygienic Design  
  The clips are designed with a powerful dual-locking mechanism that  
  eliminates unwanted openings. In fact, the tolerances of the sliding  
  mechanism are so precisely engineered that it is virtually impossible  
  for food debris to enter, leading to less chance of plaque and tartar  
  buildup. This not only promotes good oral hygiene, but also allows  
  the bracket to function as intended over the lifetime of the  
  Full Rotational Control
  In addition, the Confidence Clip™ spans the entire mesial/distal
  width of every bracket, without deflection, for superior rotational
  control. This allows the wire to utilize the full width of the true twin
  design without the need for auxiliaries. 
  Passive Design  
  The passive design of the Confidence Clip™ provides excellent  
  sliding mechanics, virtually eliminating friction, which allows for fast  
  and accurate tooth movement.   
Comprehensive Bonding Pads 
  Anchor-Lock Pad 
  New technologies work in harmony when Agility's®
  advanced design is combined with the state-of-the-
  art Anchor-Lock Pad, providing enhanced bond
  strength for today's appliances. 
  Accu-Lock Mesh
  Agility's superior design, fused with a proven Accu-Lock 80
  gauge woven mesh, gives the clinician the confidence and
  quality demanded of today's appliances. 
  Finish With Ultimate Control 
  The Agility® self-ligating bracket system gives you the complete
  control you need to finish each treatment quickly, efficiently, and
  hassle-free. Agility® allows for easy ligation of archwires, using
  either metal or elastomeric ligatures to provide full torque control
  during the finishing and detailing phases of difficult Class II and
  Class III cases. With the power and responsiveness to move teeth
  quickly and easily, ODP's Agility® bracket system gives you the
  freedom to finish each case with ultimate control. 
  Recommended Opening Technique 
  Opening the clip of the Agility® bracket is a snap! The first "click" you hear will be the clip disengaging from the top lock, and the second "click,"
  assures you the clip is fully open. While you can open the clip with an explorer, the new Agility Instrument makes opening the bracket even easier. 
Alternate Opening Technique 1  Alternate Opening Technique 2 
Closing Technique    Optional Convertible Clip   
As if opening the Agility® clip isn't easy enough, closing it is
even easier. 
As if opening the Agility® clip isn't easy enough, closing it is
even easier. 
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